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Uncovering the Hidden Gem in Darwin: Exploring a Beautiful Gorge Where Swimwild Take a Dip in July.

Darwin Gorge

What is this picture of?? Swimwild swimmers in this beautiful gorge? WHERE is this? Darwin?

As soon as I saw this incredible image of the swim leg of the Katherine Ultra, I knew I had to take you there!

Darwin Swimwild retreat 24 - 28 July 2024

I love organising trips and getting super excited about a new destination, Darwin in July. After seeing that photo, the next three days were spent researching, booking accommodation, van hire, making many phone calls and locking it in. We are going to swim in Nitmiluk / Katherine Gorge - Darwin!


Let Swimwild take you on this absolutely amazing experience in July! We meet at Darwin airport, hop onto the 12-seater bus and off we go to our first destination: Lake Bennett. We will stay two nights at the De Lago Resort adjacent to the lake, enjoying dining, swimming and relaxing. Remember, it’s cold and rainy in Perth!

We will head off to the trip’s highlight on our third day. After a scenic drive and a refreshing stop at Edith Falls, the Nitmiluk National Park awaits us with all its natural beauty! What better way to finish the day than on a boat cruise while enjoying dinner and a magnificent sunset?

Two kayakes Darwin

The fourth day is our adventure day! We will hop into two-person canoes and explore the different gorges of the Katherine River. But wait: we are going to swim in them as well! Imagine swimming in these fresh, clear waters amongst those red cliffs! Pinch me moments!

I am so excited to take you on this adventure. Only a few spots left, so get in quick! I’d recommend booking flights soon as well as they are cheaper now.

Bring on July 2024

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